Privacy Policy

Transparency is a virtue

At Superinspect, we understand that your personal data is a valuable asset and that it is part of our responsibility to keep it safe. In addition, the collection and use of your data needs to be done transparently.

In this sense, you have the right to know which of your data we have access to and how they are used. Keeping this process clear to you is the purpose of this Privacy Policy.

How we collect your personal data

1 - Through the contact form

When you complete the form to contact Superinspect, we ask that you provide your name and email address. In addition, you must specify the subject of the contact and write your message with the information you think is necessary.

2 - Via the contact button via WhatsApp

When you click the button to contact Superinspect via WhatsApp, we may receive your mobile number.

3 - Using cookies

Cookies are small files stored on your browser that serve a variety of functions.

They allow you to compile website usage statistics, identify which device you are using to format the website accordingly, remember usage habits on the website and load the websites you visit the most quickly, among other uses.

For which functions cookies are used on our website

1 - Strictly necessary cookies

They are essential for the website to function properly and display properly.

2 - Performance and statistics cookies

They are used to load the site faster if you visit it frequently and collect anonymous information about how many people visit the site, which pages they visit and how they found the site.

We use this information to understand the general profile of people who access our website and what information people are most interested in. This data allows us to structure the site in a way that better serves users.

How to block or manage cookies

Browsers allow you to block cookies or manage from which websites you accept cookies or not.

In each browser, this operation is done slightly differently. If you want to manage cookies, consult your browser's help page to find the necessary settings.

Where your data is stored and processed

Your data may be stored and processed in Brazil, in accordance with security and confidentiality procedures.

By accessing our website, you agree that your data may be stored and processed in Brazil in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The storage and processing of data, wherever done, takes place in compliance with technical and organizational security and confidentiality measures to provide an adequate level of data protection.

For what purposes we use your data

Contact you

Your data informed in the contact register is used so that we can respond to your messages and contact you via email.

Likewise, your WhatsApp number is used so that we can respond to your requests and contact you if requested.

Comply with legal and regulatory obligations

In order to comply with the legislation regarding privacy and data protection, users authorize the processing of personal data collected, due to this privacy policy. and thus, Superinspect undertakes to comply with the applicable legislation on privacy, security and the processing of said personal data, adopting good practices to ensure that the processing of personal data provided herein is always limited to its purpose, in terms of Law No. 13,709/2018 (General Personal Data Protection Law - LGPD).

With whom we share your data

The data we collect is for Superinspect's internal use only. We do not share our database with third parties.

How we keep your data secure

We adopt usual tools and controls in the market to store and protect your data. Our website has a valid security certificate.

how to get in touch

If you need more information about your personal data, you can contact us through our service channels:


(21) 3431-3401